Commercial Locksmith Services
Commercial locksmith services vary significantly from residential. Typically commercial locks are very different in design and with a higher grade and security you need an expert to solve your needs quickly to minimize interruption to your business.
Whether you need help with an electric strike, rekeying locks or creating a master system for better key management we can help you ensure your business is safe and secure.

We also have a team that can assist with access control or cameras to increase security and help you track personnel for auditing.
Commercial Locks
Including but limited to: Mortise cylinders, Adam's Rite, commercial lockbodies, emergency exit, panic bars, store front doors and digital locks
Master Key Systems
Masterkeying your locks allows you to better manage access to your property. Having a solid system that will last and you can understand is even more important.
Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC) are designed for easy lock changes and increased security (most commonly used in schools, hospitals and commercial applications).
Electric Strikes
Ensuring professionally installed electric strikes is important for both long lasting operation and security. We'll make sure the right strike is used for your door and application.
Physical Penetration Testing
This service is for those that want to ensure a high level of security to your building and data. Upon completion, you will have a detailed report which typically provides a significant reduction on your insurance. Call for more details
Security Assessment
For small businesses we offer a free consultation. Larger businesses we have a flat fee assessment that comes with a detailed report.
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