Common Locksmith FAQs
Locksmithing FAQs
Common questions and facts about locksmith services.
I only have a "Do Not Duplicate" Key and I need to make a copy. Can I get it copied?
The truth is that locksmiths make copies of DND keys all the time. If you are the owner of the business, home or building then we will make copies for you.
Is there a way to make my locks more secure without the high cost of changing them to high security locks like ASSA, Medeco or Mul-T-Lock?
Yes. While the level of security is much higher in locks like Medeco, Mul-T-Lock or ASSA, there are several ways to make your existing locks more secure.
1) The bitting or the way the lock is pinned does make a difference (i.e. lots of high and low cuts on the key)
2) Security top pins can be added to make it difficult for someone to pick or bump
3) Switching to 6 pin key vs a common 5 pin key will enhance security
4) The grade of the lock (grade 1 being the highest) makes a difference in the security and quality of the lock. Most residential locks are grade 2.
Why do I have to pay a Service Call Fee?
Mobile locksmith have a number of expenses that must be covered for the convenience of coming to your home or buisness:
1) There are a lot of expensive tools and supplies in our vans that always need replacing.
2) The insurance is expensive which includes the vehicle insurance and liability insurance (if there are employees then workers comp is a cost as well).
3) Licensing, taxes, fees and continuing education help ensure we can continue in our profession
4) Lastly, the simple cost of gas and travel time for your convenience is covered in the Service Call fee.

Lock and Key Ninja charges a lower than average Service Call Fee.
I'm locked out of my building or vehicle. What should I expect when you arrive?
When we arrive, we will be dressed in uniform and be in a marked business vehicle (the only exception is when we choose to provide services outside of normal business hours or when we are closed). We will ask for your ID to verify who you are and that we are legally accessing your property (for our own liability).

Unless there is something broken within your lock that would prevent us from doing so, we will always be able to pick your lock rather than having to drill (this saves you money). Any competent licensed locksmith should be able to pick your lock rather than having to drill. Most high security locks may be the exception (i.e. ASSA, Medeco or Mul-t-lock).

Lastly, we will always quote you a flat rate up front. No surprises. We also boast some of the lowest prices in the San Fernando Valley
What forms of payment do you accept?
Lock and Key Ninja accepts cash, check, Venmo and most credit cards. Some exceptions may apply.
What does it mean to rekey locks?
Rekeying locks is often a more economical solution than putting on new locks. By rekeying a lock we can use the existing hardware and make it use a different key than the ones currently used. Additionally, this also means we can key most locks alike so you only need one key instead of several (this assumes they are all the same keyway; either Schlage or Kwikset).
I want the best security for my home or business. What do you recommend?
At Lock and Key Ninja we recommend 2 important steps.
First allow us to come and do a complete security assessment of your home or business so that we can identify any vulnerabilities in your existing setup and then put together a plan to fix those vulnerabilities.

Second, for your locks, we recommend using ASSA High Security locks for all of your doors and access points. We have many types of solutions and are able to customize it specifically to your needs.
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