Safes & Vaults
Safes are a specialized part of the locksmith industry. Most locksmiths do not do safes since there is a lot of knowledge and experience that is needed to service them and get access when you need it.

Whether you have a manual dial safe or an electronic safe or a keyed combination safe, we can help you get in and or service your safe. We provide safe combination changes, electronic keypad conversion, safe servicing, safe manipulation and safe drilling services.
Safe Services
Safe Combination Changes
If you believe that your combination has been compromised or have recently purchased a safe then changing the combination is an important step to secure your valuables.
Electronic Keypad Conversion
For ease of access and to increase security many people opt to convert their manual combination safe to an electronic keypad. Getting the right one and precision installation is the key to the perfect upgrade.
Safe Manipulation / Drilling
Sometimes all codes or keys are lost and you need access to your valuables inside the safe. This can be done by through various methods such as safe manipulation, drilling or bypass (rare). We have the know-how to get you in.
Safe Servicing
Sometimes safes combination start to not work as well as they use to or there is something mechanically wrong that is causing difficulty in opening. If there is a keyed lock option, sometimes they need to be changed. Let us keep it opperating smoothly.
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